USEJ Election Results

The results of the USEJ Elections on 24-02-2017 are now available.                                                             

The results, as communicated by the Electoral Board, are as follows:

80% of the USEJ members cast their votes.

Votes for the Executive Committee candidates:
Mehdi Dahdouh – 12 votes
Iro Karanikola – 24 votes
Nicolas Karayannis -14 votes
Margarita Kokkinaki -17 votes
Jakov Minic – 23 votes
Tiny Oosterling – 21 votes
Csaba Sandberg – 30 votes

Votes for the Audit Board candidates:
Maria Joao Almeida Gomes – 28 votes
Ianina Gabriela Lipara – 31 votes