Getting to know the Executive Committee: Anne-Gaëlle

After learning about Jakov, today you’ll get to know more about our PR Officer, Anne-Gaëlle.

As an NDA, I have a peculiar status amongst the organisation, having two line managers, the National Member and the Head of Office. I felt it was important that the NDAs, a group of 36 individuals, have a chance to be represented in the Union by someone who is in the same situation and faces the same challenges.

Professional in Communications and Public relations for more than 12 years, in France, mostly in local governments, and now at Eurojust for 2.5 years, I joined the USEJ to try to be useful to all my colleagues. I’d like to achieve that more and more Eurojust staff members get a clear idea of what the Union does and can do for individuals in the organisation and ultimately decide to join us because the more members, the stronger the Union.  

And when I am out of here…I volunteer in a NGO I co-founded, rescuing and rehoming stray dogs from Baku – Azerbaijan. I ride horses, I travel around Europe to watch Volley Ball matches, and I never miss the Rugby annual VI Nations broadcasts. I enjoy my 3 years old daughter Agatha growing up, and, well, obviously, I am French so food should be in this list (and I am the founder of the Eurojust Bacchus Club).

Looking forward to working with all of you!