Executive Committee: first meeting, EC composition, and next steps

As newly elected Executive Committee, we want to thank you all for participating in the elections and for your votes. We also want to extend our thank you to the previous members of the USEJ Executive Committee.
While still in the early stages of our mandate, we had already a meeting to define our roles and to begin our work.
Our new structure is:

President Jakov Minic Represent and run USEJ
Vice-President Lucia Conti In charge of communications and website
PR Officer Anne-Gaëlle Deumié In charge of public relations
Treasurer Tiny Oosterling In charge of the budget

You can find more information on the next steps we are planning to take in the minutes.
Do you want to know more about us? Then stay tuned! Every week we will introduce one of our members.
Do you have specific questions, concerns or feedback? Then just drop us an email or contact one of us. We will be happy to help you!